Animal snares are wire nooses used to trap animals. They are normally classed as either a self locking snares which is illegal or a free running snares which is legal. But as we will see, many so called free running snares can easily become self locking snares.

DB Snare Code Compliant Snare with Breakaway

This much-touted fox snare, designed by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), claims to allow smaller non-target species to escape. From more information visit our DB snare page.

AB Snares - Illegal and Legal

 AB Snares – Illegal and Legal

This fox snare is manufactured by AB Country Products. It was found to be self-locking in its original design, but has been modified to make it free-running. However, thousands of the old snares are still in use, so one to examine carefully to see if they lock. Visit our AB snare page for more info.

Dual purpose fox snare

 Dual Purpose Snares – Illegal and Legal

This fox snare, as pictured left, is set as self locking. They are still sold, but should only have the wire threaded through the hole on the vertical part of the strut. For more information visit our dual purpose snare page.

Self Locking Fox Snare

 Self Locking Snares – Illegal

This fox snare is particular rare in the UK and was probably imported. The use of self-locking snares is prohibited under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. However many are still in use today.

Home made snares

Home Made Snares

A home made snare that will either lock up or can be free running. Badgers have escaped from them, but not before scalping themselves. Many rabbit snares are home made and range in injury they caused to the trapped animal.

Hansen kill pole snare

Kill Pole Snares – Illegal

Although illegal it is difficult to prove it is. This fox snare is promoted as a Kill Pole snare by some UK snarers on hunting websites. Apparently the aim is that the fox will get caught and then strangle itself as it gets wrapped around the metal pole in the struggle.

Rabbit snares

Rabbit Snares

Are usually made from stranded brass wire fitted with either wire tealers or natural tealers (nylon cord, etc).