A free-running snare is a wire loop restraining device which relaxes when the animal stops pulling and a self-locking snare is a wire loop device which continues to tighten by a ratchet action as the animal struggles.

Free Running Snare

For the purposes of legislation, there are three key issues which may justify further clarification of the terms “free-running” and “self-locking”:

  • wire snares are similar in appearance and it is often the placement of a bolt which determines whether the snare is free-running or self-locking. As the appearance of these snares can be interchangeable it can therefore be difficult to distinguish between a free-running and a self-locking device, often only determined through testing its action;
  • there are circumstances where a free-running snare, when used or damaged, could be considered to be self-locking in its operation. For example, free-running snares may become rusted or twisted and can therefore become as lethal as self-locking devices;
  • dual purpose, rocking eye or AB snares which are technically described as free-running, have the capacity in their operation to function as self-locking devices.

If in doubt take a photograph of the snare and email it to us.