Foxes are targetted by snares


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Defra ‘Independent Working Group on Snares’ stitch-up!

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Duke of Norfolk

The Duke of Norfolk is one of England’s largest landowners. His ancestral seat is Arundel Castle, Sussex where he heavily snares on the Norfolk Estate farms to prevent predation of wild game birds. He also has a home and shooting estate at Carlton Towers, Yorkshire – also littered with snares.

Here for the first time, we have captured a dog and a hare as they are caught in snares. Deer, badgers are also victims of indiscriminate snaring.

Fenn type traps to be banned by 2020

The Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) is an attempt to enforce an international standard on humaneness for traps relating to fur bearing mammals. Regardless of leaving the EU, the UK government has still agreed to implement.