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Make the use of free-running snares illegal for trapping wildlife

The National Anti Snaring Campaign (NASC) is an animal welfare organisation that campaigns against the sale and manufacture of animal snares in the UK. Our main aims are:

Increase public awareness of the cruelty of snares and traps
Collect and document incidents involving snares throughout the UK
Expose shoots and landowners who continue to use snares
Encourage other animal welfare groups to actively campaign against snares used by the game shooting industry
Political lobbying for the total abolition of the use of snares and traps


national anti snaring campaign

Duke of Norfolk

South Downs National Park snaring cruelty Duke of Norfolk

For the first time, we have captured a dog and a hare as they are caught in snares. Deer, badgers are also victims of indiscriminate snaring. The Duke of Norfolk is one of England’s largest landowners. His ancestral seat is Arundel Castle, Sussex where he heavily snares on the Norfolk Estate farms to prevent predation of wild game birds.

National Anti Snaring Campaign

NASC animal snare investigations


Our investigators help expose acts of cruelty to animals at great personal risk.

Animal Snare Advice

Snare Advice

Found an injured or dead animal in a snare? It’s important to act immediately.

Cruelty of fox snares


Defra ‘Independent Working Group on Snares’ stitch-up!

NASC Anti-Snare Petition


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