When to Find Traps

We find that without exception they are set all of the year round.

Where to Find Traps on Shooting Estates

Most spring traps are likely to be set close to pheasant pens in woodland, some at gates parallel to walls, holes in stone walls, the base of trees, and others across small water crossings.

Hidden cage trap for rabbits This cage trap, used for catching rabbits, was partly hidden by a wooden cover.

Where to Find Traps on Grouse Moors

On upland shoots you are most likely to find traps across any small waterways even if they are dried up.

Fenn Trap on a Grouse Moor

In the example above, of a Fenn Trap found on a grouse moor in Scotland, the trap has been placed on a wooden plank, between two stones with a wired metal mesh cover. This is the most common type of trap you’ll find on a grouse moor.

A good starting point to look is any small stream close to a dirt road likely to be used by the gamekeeper. Traps can be within metres the track and footpaths but carefully hidden out of view of ramblers. Once you find one there is likely to be more along the same stream or channel crossing.