The National Anti Snaring Campaign (NASC) is an animal welfare organisation that campaigns against the sale and manufacture of animal snares in the UK. The NASC was founded following outrage at badger snaring incidents on the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex.

As we have rapidly grown we have always tried to keep our overheads to a bare minimum in order that all donations go directly towards exposing cruelty. We have a network of trained campaigners who investigate snaring reports and who are always looking for illegal snares and traps.

Our main aims are:

  • To increase public awareness of the cruelty of snares and traps
  • To collect and document incidents involving snares throughout the UK
  • To expose shoots and landowners who continue to use snares
  • To encourage other animal welfare groups to actively campaign against snares used by the game shooting industry
  • To political lobbying for the total abolition of the use of snares and traps

Although not tied any other organisation we are happy to work with similar minded organisations.

How You Can Help

Easy ways you can help us and wildlife

  1. Please tell us if you know of any snares or traps being set. All information is confidential, e-mail us with your info.
  2. Donate – All donations go to directly to funding investigations and publicity material. No one at the NASC receives a salary.
  3. Sign our petitions (see below) and pass to friends and family.
  4. Set up a display in your high street. We can help with display materials.
  5. Get out and look for snares. See if they are near badger setts or set illegally.
  6. Send us your news and any press cuttings.
  7. Share our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus links at the bottom of most pages.
  8. If you have a website or webpage link to our homepage.
  9. Hit the streets! Help spread the word with snare leaflets.
  10. Use the information on this website to write letters of protest to your local paper. Remember, people think these barbaric devices are banned, they are not!


A4 NASC Snares Kill Flyer

A4 NASC Ban Snaring


NASC Snare Petition

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