A Kilrea mother has spoken of her horror of finding a cat fighting for its life after it had been cruelly trapped in a wire snare.

The woman discovered the stray cat trapped in the deadly snare at the bottom of her garden at Claragh Drive on Good Friday.

Shocked and saddened, she immediately contacted the Cats Protection Belfast Adoption Centre and one of their care assistants, Robert Armstrong attended the scene.

The distressed animal, which is believed to have laid in agony for up to three days, was then taken to Garvagh veterinarian, Smith&Brown.

The wire of the snare had severed the cat’s internal organs and the animal had to be put to sleep.

The mother, who asked not to be named, was unaware how the ginger cat had come to be in her garden where her young children play.

She said: “I’m absolutely disgusted that it could have been placed there to hurt innocent animals.

“I have a small Yorkshire Terrier dog which could have fallen victim to the snare.”

In the light of the incident, a cat protection charity is warning that wire snares such are illegal, according to the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Speaking to The Coleraine Times, Deputy Manager at the Cats Protection Belfast Adoption Centre, Noleen McCabe, said: “The cat trapped in this snare had been exposed to the elements day and night whilst suffering unspeakable pain.

“It is easy to see why this method of trapping animals has been made illegal.”

Cats Protection is urging people in the borough to be vigilant in checking their property.

Noeleen added: “We want to make people aware that these traps are still being set by a number of people and we urge anyone who spots one to contact the PSNI.

“Please check your own premises regularly to ensure house pets do not fall victim to the same horrible fate.”

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