Snared and shot badger
Snared and shot badger

A GAMEKEEPER has been fined after admitting wilfully killing a badger.

David Stephen Welford, 43, of Thornthorpe, Malton, was sentenced yesterday at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court following the incident in Laysikes Wood, Menethorpe, last September. He was fined £385 and ordered to pay £100 costs, with a £15 victim surcharge.

Jean Thorpe, of Ryedale Badger Group, said she hoped the sentence would send out a message to others that such crimes would result in prosecution.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police added: “Protecting our wildlife is something we will continue to do in partnership with other agencies. If anyone knows of people committing this type of offence they should contact North Yorkshire Police or Crimestoppers straight away.”

Additional Information

Not included the the above newspaper report is the full horror of this case. The Ryedale Badger Group inform us that:

“This badger has been caught alive in a snare probably by the side of the pheasant release pen, which is right next to an active and ancient badger sett. Then deliberately shot at close range, as the bullet went cleanly through the eye and killed her. The carcass was then deliberately placed in one of the entrances to the badger sett with sticks put above it and left supposedly out of sight.”