National Anti Snaring Campaign lets DEFRA know what they can expect if they allow farmers to use snares in any “badger cull” in TB hotspots.

The National Anti Snaring campaign has set down a marker with the first protest at DEFRAs Temple Quay HQ, Bristol, to highlight the horrific snaring trials that DEFRA are secretly conducting on live badgers.

DEFRA staff were leafleted to make them aware that they are employed by barbarians who have never shown the slightest concern for badgers, dozens of which are killed and injured each year in snares set legally for foxes with DEFRA’s backing, and yet DEFRA are carrying out secret trials on live badgers to determine the level of injury they will sustain if snared.

We know that some DEFRA staff have refused to have anything to do with the snare trials, leaving only the unscrupulous DEFRA researchers to carry out this torment and torture. The unregulated use of snares by farmers to trap badgers in any future “cull” will cause untold suffering, and is vigorously opposed by the Badger Trust.

If the go ahead is given to use snares, hundreds of Badger Trust and animal rights campaigners will descend on DEFRA at Bristol to show their disgust.

Protest Against Defra snare experiments in Bristol