Illegal snarer snared

Stealing covert cameras didn’t stop the user of illegal snares being prosecuted. Covert surveillance by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals caught a man using illegal snares

Cat Caught in Fox Snare

The NASC have visited the Isle of Wight to investigate after a cat returned home with a snare attached.

Snare ban call after dog loses leg

The owner of a dog whose leg had to be amputated after being caught in a snare has called for them to be banned. Molly,…

Cat loses its leg in a rabbit snare

rabbit trap. Richard and Lisa Bacon, of Sharnford, were shocked when their pet Poppy returned home on Thursday with her paw hanging off and back…

Cat rescued from illegal snare

A cat had to be treated for injuries to its front paw after it was trapped in an illegal snare on a housing estate near…