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Our team of investigators help expose acts of cruelty to animals at great personal risk.

snares advice


Found a dead or injured animal in a snare? It's important to act immediately.

War on Wildlife


Download the anti-snares petition and get your friends and family to sign.

Pet Owners Speak Out

Patrick Prekopp's video of Ann and Chris, who lost their cat, Marmalade, in a snare in February, 2009. Since then, Ann has campaigned to ban all snares and launched a petition locally to add to mounting call for an end to indiscrimate trapping.

Ann and Chris are just two of the people affected by snares that Defra never consult on the cruelty of animal snares.

FOX SNARES are an indiscriminate and cruel wire nooses set largely by gamekeepers on Shooting Estates and grouse moors to trap foxes. However, badgers, deer, cats, dogs, and otters all get snared and can suffer appalling injuries. Rabbit snares are used by 'pest controllers' to kill rabbits but also injure or kill pets and wildlife. There is now a growing momentum of cross party support for a BAN ON SNARES. Please support this campaign today.

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