A fox died an excruciating death after being found in a Goring garden with a snare around his neck and wounds infested by maggots.

The young fox was found hiding in a garden in Singleton Crescent. It is believed he had been in the snare for a few days as his wounds were crawling with maggots. Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service (WADARS) was called and he taken to Grove Lodge veterinary surgery, but he died on the operation table.

Billy Elliot, WADARS rescue officer, said: “All the signs seem to point the snare was probably put down deliberately. It must have been placed locally as foxes do not wander outside their terrority. I just wish whoever did it could have seen the suffering they caused as it was very upsetting. The fox must have been caught in the snare for a few days.

“We are hoping to do everything we could to help him and put him on the operating list at Grove Lodge on Friday, but his heart was not strong enough to withstand the anaesthetic and he died.

“Afterwards, the vet cleaned him up, checked him and realised the prognosis would not have been good. His chance of survival would have been slim.”