A badger has been found snared in woods about three miles south of Selby, Yorkshire.  Police and East Yorkshire Badger Protection Group have been involved in checking the area, but the badger may have been dumped in the wood and snared elsewhere.  There was no evidence of snares in the immediate wood. 

Police have spoken to the landowner, who claimed he has had problems with travellers, implying they may have been responsible.  However, this is a story all to often told as a cover for gamekeeper’s snaring practice, so we are wary, and the Badger Group is checking wider area.  We at NASC are carrying out land registry searches and looking for the shooting interests in the area.

A look at the snare shows it was free running and of the “AB” type.  However, a close inspection shows the tremendous twisting of the snare which probably led to the badger’s death.  The snare had been cut. 

 This is further evidence of the way free running snares simply twist, lock up and strangle badgers.