A charity says the illegal use of animal traps on Teesside must be stopped after a second pet was snared in a garden.

On Monday, a cat suffered serious cuts to its face after trying to chew its way out of a snare, also set in a garden, in Stockton.

Now a cat has been trapped in Redcar. It managed to escape, but was left with a loop of wire around its neck.

Insp Mark Gent from the RSPCA said the snares used were identical.

He said: “The device is attached by string to an immovable object. It contains a loop of wire which tightens if an animal steps into it and moves forward.

Set Illegally

“It’s the second incident in a few days and I’m worried someone’s making these snares and selling them, perhaps legitimately, but they are being used illegally.

“You can use these free-running snares to catch wild rabbits, but you would have to put it in a place where there was no risk of another species being caught.

“But these haven’t been set in a legal way because they have caught other animals, in this case cats. I’m worried they are being sold at car boot sales, and passed around among friends.”

Illegally using snares is punishable by six months in prison and a £5,000 fine.

Anyone who has seen a snare or trap set in a garden should contact the RSPCA.