Investigations by the NASC can reveal new evidence showing that rabbits and hares are being killed in fox snares on shooting estates and dying an horrific death in the process.

Rabbit killed by snare
Above: Rabbit killed by snare at Pye Close, Dorset
Hare released from snare on shooting estate
Hare released from snare on shooting estate

Rabbits and hares not killed by the snares, remain exposed, captive, and in terror- at risk for many hours from predators – This from a UK Field Sports website forum: “So I went to check my snares this morning 9am (snares were out at 10am yesterday) and first one I came across, it as looking good, as I got closer all I could see was the back leg of the rabbit which i caught last night. It was probably more luck than skill in catching it, but hay im learning. Damn foxes. I guess ill have to keep a closer eye on the snares, shorter time period.”

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