Chepstow racecourse management has condemned snares on its land after two dogs became trapped in wire nooses. The second incident happened within days of last week’s Free Press article drawing attention to the plight of a dog trapped in a snare in woodland to the rear of Chepstow racecourse.

The Gwent Badger Group (GBG), Police and RSPCA have joined forces in an effort to safeguard both domestic pets and wildlife in the popular local beauty spot. Steve Clark of GBG was asked to check the second incident after receiving a call from a local RSPCA inspector. “Initially I though the RSPCA Officer was discussing the earlier case.” said Steve “To my horror I realised that she was asking me to investigate a fresh incident.”

Luckily the second dog, like the first, managed to escape uninjured. “It will only be a matter of time before an animal suffers fatal injuries in one of these lethal traps” commented Steve.

After meeting with the owner of the dog, Steve contacted a regional Wildlife Crime Officer in an effort to protect animals in the vicinity.

Chepstow racecourse management responded positively to the appeal. While they admit to allowing rabbit numbers to be controlled, they utterly condemn the use of snares and similar traps on their land and have never endorsed these devices as control measures.

“It’s encouraging to know that the land owner is as keen as we are to protect animals and maintain a safe snare free zone for both domestic pets and wildlife,” added Steve.

Within a week six wire nooses have been removed from the locality and the GBG will continue to monitor the area until they are confident all the traps have been removed.

“I hope that these recent cases have made those who set these traps think again about their actions” continued Steve. “With continued vigilance and public support we will fight to ensure that these deadly devices are banned from our countryside.”