A pet dog was caught by the neck in a deadly snare trap on the royal Sandringham estate.

The rescue animal, called Nell, could have died while it was trapped for two hours as temperatures plummeted to below freezing, according to its owner.

The owner, who did not want to be identified, is calling for the royal family to set an example by banning snares that catch animals “indiscriminately”.

The near-miss happened just weeks after it was revealed that a protected owl was killed by a badly set snare also at Sandringham, prompting outrage among wildlife lovers.

Gamekeepers set snares to kill animals such as squirrels, rats, rabbits and weasels, which they consider a threat to young pheasants and partridges reared to be shot.

Campaigners who want a total ban on snares argue that they cause prolonged suffering to the thousands of wild and domestic animals that are killed or severely injured every year by them.

The owner was walking Nell and his other dog, Ted, on public land near the estate in Norfolk when the sound of a shotgun and running deer startled the two pets, who ran off. Ted returned, but Nell went missing.

Pet dog trapped in snare on Queen’s Sandringham estate – Independent – Feb 11th 2021