A LOCKERBIE woman is warning pet owners to be on their guard after her cat was trapped in a snare.

Fifty-eight-year-old Mary Carlyle was woken by scratches at her bedroom door on Friday morning as her animal Maisy struggled to alert her. The pet had a snare around her throat and had been missing overnight.

Ms Carlyle quickly removed the metal loop from her cat’s neck and now she is urging pet owners to watch out for the danger.

She told the Standard: “Maisy is only a small cat, but she has lost a lot of weight. It was round her neck and I didn’t see it at first. She has healed quickly, but she has a scar now.”

Ms Carlyle, who lives in Sherwood Park, Lockerbie, added: “I have three cats and a Jack Russell and she is the most affectionate one. I’d have been very upset if anything had happened to her. There are a lot of cats where I stay and I would like to warn other owners about these snares.”

Wildlife crime officer Constable Mike Jardine said: “We will be looking into who the owner of this snare was. New legislation has been brought in that means the snares cannot be pulled out, are checked at least every 24 hours and hold the creature rather than damage it. If the snare has been pulled out, it is a breach of the law and we will be making inquiries and looking into that. It is uncommon for domestic animals to be caught in these traps but, if they are legal, there shouldn’t be damage done to the animal.”

Anyone with information relating to this crime can contact police on 0845 600 5701. People wishing more information on snare use should also phone that number and ask to speak to their local wildlife officer. Information can be left anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.