A pet cat was injured in an illegal snare – prompting police to issue a wider warning about traps.

The cat had to be taken to the vet for treatment after it was caught in the illegal snare in the Stalham area.

PC Stuart Doe, from Stalham’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and a specialist wildlife officer, said he was concerned about the use of snares.

He said: “It must be remembered when using snares that the Defra guidelines and the legal requirements of using snares must be adhered to.

“I have recently been made aware that snares have been placed on land that is not suitable due to its use by domestic pets. Some of the snares used were illegal as they were not free-running and not self-locking, and must have a fixed stop about five inches from the eye.

“The guidelines also state a snare is for restraining rather than killing, and they must be checked before 9am and again in the evening.”

PC Doe is also able to give advice on illegal shooting or poaching and other cruelty, the legal responsibilities of landowners and users, egg collecting, dangerous or unsuitable pets or livestock and vermin control.

Anyone with information or concerns about wildlife issues can call their Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0845 456 4567.