A cat has had a lucky escape after it was caught in a snare in Beccles.

Felix, a black cat with white markings, was found by his owner attached to a car exhaust pipe by the snare which was around his neck on Sunday. The cat was not injured but he was traumatised by his ordeal.

Owner Gail Fulford said: “It is lucky Felix wasn’t injured in the snare to start with or when the wire became stuck on something else like the exhaust pipe. He doesn’t go very far at all so the snare must have been set nearby, which is very worrying.”

The one-year-old cat had been caught in a ‘free-running’ snare which are only legal if set properly.

An RSPCA spokesman said that free-running snares must be set in a place where they can only catch the species of animal they are set for, such as a rabbit hole or run. Snares must also be checked regularly.

The Defra code of practice warns against the use of snares on or near public footpaths, rights of way or near housing.

The RSPCA is against the use of snares and is appealing for information about the incident.

RSPCA inspector Marc Niepold said: “There could easily have been a much less happy ending to this story. We have seen snares cause terrible injuries to pets and wild animals.

“People need to realise they have a responsibility when setting such potentially lethal devices to act within the law and have some consideration for pets and other animals.”

Anyone with information regarding illegally set or illegal snares or traps should contact the RSPCA in confidence on 0300 1234 999.