A CASE in which a 58-year-old man is accused of snaring and beating to death six badgers with a blunt instrument, has been continued for a second time without plea at Dumfries Sheriff Court.

Anthony Rogers, of Breconside Farm, Moffat, faces a total of nine charges at Dumfries Sheriff Court, six of them under the Protection of Badgers Act and two under the Wildlife and Countryside Act in connection with the deaths of the animals.

It is alleged in six charges that between January 1 and April 4 he snared and killed the badgers at Crockett Wood at the farm and a further charge alleges he cruelly ill-treated the animals.

He is also charged with setting in position a quantity of snares in close proximity to a badger sett which he knew to be active and between March 2 and 4 setting in position a snare and failing to inspect it at least once every day at intervals of no more than 24 hours.

The case has been continued for a further three weeks.

Case Background

A gamekeeper has been arrested (8th April 2008) following the deaths of six badgers in Dumfries and Galloway.

Police and wildlife welfare officers raided a farm near Moffat after a tip-off that snares were being laid and the protected animals being killed.

As a result a 57-year-old man – who also works as a land manager – faces charges under the Protection of Badgers Act and the Wildlife Protection Act.

A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal at Dumfries.

A Scottish SPCA spokesperson said: “We are delighted to have been able to work in conjunction with Dumfries and Galloway Police in this case, in order to bring about these charges.

“This shows just how well joint agency working can bring about a successful conclusion to what can be a difficult case to proceed.

“Badgers are a protected species in Scotland and can all too often be the subject of horrendous persecution. This case highlights just how seriously the law views such persecution.”