snares targetting cats

A BELOVED pet cat is recovering from a traumatic ordeal after a snare was trapped around his neck, last weekend.

Devoted owners Alec and Vicky Woods were distraught when one year old Max the cat returned home on Sunday (6th) with a snare around his neck.

The Bangor family rushed to his aid at their Rosemary Avenue home and fortunately were able to remove the snare, without Max sustaining any serious injury.

Max now looks set to make a full recovery, but his family have been shaken by the incident and are warning other pet owners in the area to look out for their animals.

The Spectator understands the snare is a thin wire noose that is usually set by a person to trap foxes and rabbits, and can pose a risk to unsuspecting cats and dogs.

However Mr Woods fears there may be a more sinister motive behind this incident and the snare may have been set deliberately.

He said, “Obviously somebody doesn’t like cats. If you want to chase them, chase them, but somebody is up to no good setting snares.”