The otter pictured below, was recently snared at Looe, Cornwall. Photos courtesy of Water for Wildlife Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

We can see how otters can be snared with another photo taken in the North East of a mink that has been snared. Let us hope the DEFRA officials at Bristol sleep comfortably as this is the suffering they sanction.

Otters also roam over game rearing areas near rivers. We are told gamekeepers who snare otters and get to them before serious injury, love to get them stuffed by a taxidermist . However, as snaring of otters is illegal, their legal advisors recommend they visit their local police station and inform them this is an RTA otter. They then think they are covered. Any police officers looking at this site, be warned!

Otter injuries caused by snare
snaring otters is illegal and causes enormous cruelty
Otter trapped by snare

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