AN MP is investigating claims that members of the public, including children, have been traumatised by the sight of foxes dying in agony in wire snares within feet of a country lane.

Alyn and Deeside Labour MP Mark Tami has stepped in to try to stop the practice after receiving complaints from shocked constituents.

Among those pressing for action is Ken Thompson, of Bistre Avenue, Buckley, who contacted the MP after two of his friends saw foxes trapped in snares within eight feet of Old Hope Road, between Dobshill and Penymynydd.

‘One fox was dead, it had choked to death as the wire tightened around its neck,’ he said.

‘But the couple managed to free another fox before it was strangled.

‘I know snaring foxes is not illegal, but I find the death of any animal in this way disgusting.

‘I find it repulsive the public is being exposed to this.’ He added: ‘It’s extremely insensitive laying traps within feet of a public road and the practice should be outlawed. ‘I’m very pleased Mr Tami is taking the matter up.’ Retired Vauxhall worker Mr Thompson says he’s not an animal rights campaigner but is strongly opposed to animal cruelty.

He also fears domestic animals such as cats and dogs could get caught in the wire snares.

Mr Tami said a number of constituents had complained about the method of fox control after spotting traps alongside Old Hope Road.

He has written to the Hawarden Castle Estate, which is understood to own the land, outlining his concerns.

The MP has pledged to raise the issue of fox snares in an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons.

Mr Tami added: ‘I have serious concerns over the use of these snares, which appear to neither deter foxes nor kill them quickly or humanely.’

A spokesman for the Hawarden Castle Estate said he would investigate any complaint made by Mr Tami once he received his letter.

But, at this stage, he could not confirm the traps were on the estate’s land, as he had not seen any map pinpointing the position of the snares.