Cat snare injures
SNARED: Kiara came home with a wire wrapped around her leg

Pet owners urged to be extra vigilant

A vet has warned animal lovers to keep an eye on their pets after a “sick” trap left a family’s cat badly injured.

The black and white puss, Kiara, returned to her Biscot home last week with a thick piece of wire wrapped around her leg and stuck in her paw. And when vet David Norman saw the feline, he was in no doubt she had been the victim of a deliberate trap.

Kiara’s owner, 25-year-old Corina John of Woodland Avenue, said: “Our other two cats stay at home but Kiara just comes and goes as she wants. When she came home her foot was completely swollen and the wire was sticking out. She couldn’t walk on it at all.

“My mum and sister took her to the vet’s and it was so bad she had to be put under a general anaesthetic. The vet was extremely worried about it and said it looked like someone had laid a trap.”

The wire was removed successfully and two-year-old Kiara is now recovering at home.

Mr Norman, who treated the pet at his surgery in Biscot Road, said: “I would say it was definitely a deliberate trap. It was thick piece of copper wire twisted around her leg.

“I’ve certainly seen snares before and it was definitely a snare.”

The vet said anyone who had a similar problem with their pet or found a trap should immediately report it to the RSPCA.

He added: “The people who are doing this are sick.”