The cat did not belong to the householder, and was taken by a cat rescuer to Vets for Pets, Wheatley, Doncaster where it had breathing difficulties, and a tight snare was removed. After being put on oxygen it sadly passed away. The person who rescued it described it as very thin and weak, as if it had struggled in the snare for some time. On our advice a police crime incident has been logged this evening – 06 June, 2021. The snare is a fox snare and farm land where fox snares could be set lies close by, but the cat would have had to come under a rail bridge to access it, and this is being investigated.
This is the second snared dead cat reported to us in Yorkshire within a month. The other at Howarth captured on CCTV we are unable to report on until police and RSPCA investigations are concluded.
However, DEFRA has called for evidence on snare incidents, and these horrific incidents will be featuring in a lengthy report we are compiling.