A CAT caught in a snare had a lucky escape when it was rescued by an eagle-eyed motorist who spotted her, injured, in the road on the A6, near Penrith.

The mature black and white female is now in the care of Eden Animal Rescue, but staff are sure she must be someone’s pet.

She has been undergoing extensive treatment at Frame and Swift vets in Penrith and is being cared for by Eden Animal Rescue’s animal administrator, Tricia Graham, of Yanwath.

However, Mrs. Graham would be delighted to see her reunited with her owner.

Despite her ordeal, the animal is recovering well. Mrs. Graham said: “We took her to the vets and found she had been in a snare round her middle. She had a major operation last week. They have had to stretch her skin over her tummy because she wasn’t healing.

“People need to realise how nasty snares are. We do get cases like this periodically and I know a number of members of the public who have had animals caught in snares.”

Anyone who has lost a cat matching this description should contact Mrs. Graham on 01768 899746.