A resident near Chiddingly, East Sussex, called Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) after she had seen the badger the previous day and not thought anything of it, but found the badger in exactly the same position 24 hours later. The badger which was caught in a snare near Chiddingly.


Snares are extremely cruel and cause a lot of suffering and personally I think they should be banned.

These snares, of which there were seven along the hedgerow where the badger was found, are legal free running snares.

As far as I am aware the person who sets the snares is supposed to check them on a regular basis, this clearly has not happened on this occasion and the badger has a nasty ligature wound to its chest and back as a result.

The badger was clearly in a lot of distress and pain and will be for a while to come. This badger will take some time to heal but we hope it makes a full recovery.

The badger has been moved from the centre to a larger covered pen where the ligature wound will be monitored. The incident has been reported to Sussex Police.