Holmfirth badger snares
An injured badger caught in a home-made snare

A YOUNG badger was trapped in an illegal snare in Holmfirth.

And police believe it was the work of badger baiters, who are causing major problems in the Huddersfield area.

West Yorkshire Police have now launched Operation Meles – a big crackdown on the men who catch badgers to fight with dogs.

The snared badger was released by animal welfare officers.

“Operation Meles is a new bid to get more intelligence on this evil practice.

“It does go on in many areas, and not just in rural areas. And there is a lot of money wagered on badger fights.

“There are thousands of badgers in setts across Kirklees and we want information from the public to help protect them from those who regard it as a sport.”

Sue Shaw, who chairs the Kirklees Badger Protection Group, said: “We get a number of calls from people worried about badgers.