PRESS RELEASE  16/12/2019

Badger snared and shot near Basingstoke, Hampshire

On the 28th June 2019 a member of the public discovered a badger caught by the foot in a wire snare on a shooting estate at Whinkney’s Copse, Winslade, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

They went to get wire cutters and on returning, two shots were heard, and later discovered the badger gone and just disturbed ground and blood.

The National Anti-Snaring Campaign were contacted and found the location but no body. On returning on the 8th of July, a badger’s body was discovered in 6ft deep brambles close to where the badger was snared.

Police recovered the body and it was found on X-ray to have been shot in the head. 

Simon Wild, a spokesman for the anti-snaring campaign said:

“Fox snares are indiscriminate and cruel, but still legal.  However, badgers are protected and should be released from snares, but are often persecuted as they are perceived by gamekeepers as potential predators.  Some years ago, we had five badgers snared and killed on one shooting estate alone at Stockbridge, Hampshire.”

“Hampshire police’s Country Watch team have done a thorough job in taking statements and interviewing suspects, but the gamekeepers for the estate are all denying they were the perpetrator.  However, we are pleased police have promised to keep a close watch on this estate.”  We conducted a land registry search of the location the badger was snared at Whinkney’s Copse, Swallick Farm, Winslade and found it is owned by THE HONOURABLE OLIVER HENRY RUFUS WALLOP VISCOUNT LYMINGTON,

“I think we can be pretty sure this was not carried out by some passer by and it highlights the darker side to pheasant shooting of which the public are not aware.”

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