ANIMAL welfare campaigners are urging people in the Fens to be on the lookout for snares after a badger was found caught in a trap in Doddington.

Campaigners asking anyone who finds a trapped animal to report it on their website as part of plans to build up a national picture of trapping cruelty.

The aim is to get enough statistics and photographic evidence to lobby the Government for changes in the law.

In a recent incident at Doddington an adult badger was found struggling in a snare set on a badger patch between woodland and a double hedge.

A walker disconnected the snare from a pin in the ground and the badger ran off into tree growth where it became entangled.

The walker freed the animal and it escaped into fields.

Anti-cruelty campaigner Dr Brian May, CBE, guitarist with the band Queen and founder of the animal charity Save Me, said it was time to end the cruelty of snare use.

He said it caused: “A slow and appallingly painful death.

“Thousands of snares are set every year by land owners.

“It’s time to put the brakes on this unjustifiable barbarity,” he said.

The National Anti Snaring Campaign is asking anyone who finds a live or dead animal in a snare to contact them on 07580-455223 or report the incident and location along with photographic evidence on the website.