AN ANIMAL charity is warning cat owners of the dangers of snares after a kitten lost its leg in a trap in East Yorkshire.

Lynne Atkin, organiser of Nafferton-based Cat Saviours, spoke out after her daughter, Glyn Wrigley, discovered her pet cat Maggie had returned home with her leg hanging off.

Skin, fur and bone had been mangled while the cat tried to free herself from the trap, on farmland in Burton Agnes.

Mrs Atkin is now warning cat owners to be aware of the dangers of snares.

She said: “This cat was laying in agony, its suffering was absolutely appalling.

“People need to be very careful because there are snares around. These things are terrible and cats caught in them suffer really badly.”

Maggie went missing from her adopted home at The Forge, Burton Agnes. When she returned home a week later she was so badly mangled her leg had to be amputated by a vet.

Lucanne Wrigley, Mrs Wrigley’s daughter, has been looking after Maggie at her mother’s house since she was returned.

She said: “It was a dreadful sight. These devices are a part of country life and they must be there for a reason but the injuries they can inflict can be terrible. It will be a month until her fur grows but she should bounce back.”