Alfie recoverying from operation to remove leg
Alfie recoverying from operation to remove leg

VETS had to amputate the leg of a cat believed to have been caught up in an illegal snare.

Phil Lord, 31, of Rushmore Drive, Braintree, said his pet, Alfie, arrived home with half his leg missing. Mr Lord believes his cat was caught in an illegal trap.

He said: “You wouldn’t have thought that in this day and age anybody could cause that much injury and pain to an animal. It’s out-and-out cruelty.”

Mr Lord took Alfie to Black Notley Veterinary Surgery where he underwent an hour-long operation to amputate his leg. The treatment has cost £1,400 so far and Alfie will need regular check-ups for some time.

Vet Kirsten Allen said: “We assume it was a trap, because there were no other injuries. It was amazing Alfie could walk home.”

Mr Lord didn’t find a trap, but reported Alfie’s injury to the police.

A police spokesman said self-locking snares were illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.