Jane Makin was driving down Charing Hill on Sunday 1st August 2021 when she saw a cat run across the road to the other and was hit by a van travelling up Charing Hill who didn’t stop.
She knocked on the door of a property at Flexford but they had no cat and didn’t recognise the description as their neighbours cat but would ask them anyway. The cat was running across the road towards Flexford and she assumed it may of been heading for hone.
Mrs Makin couldn’t find a vets that was open so we left it wrapped up in bags at Harrietsham Vets, Hollingbourne for them to check the microchip and they found it was a cat that had been missing for two years. Police have been notified.
The snare is a brass rabbit snare. Studies conducted for DEFRA by the Central Science Laboratories in 2012 showed rabbit snares cause a painful and slow death and were not acting as a holding device.