A Dual Purpose Snare Set As Self Locking on West Acre Estate, Norfolk Owned by: Marquess of Cholmondeley of Houghton Hall, Houghton and Thomas Hugh, sixth earl of Litchfield.

This is a rare find as these snares are no longer available. In:

Fair Game, The Law of Country Sports and the Protection of Wildlife) by two ex-police officers (Charlie Parks and John Thornley) you will see this snare set on the bend is described as self locking with photo.

The snare was not only an illegal self-locking snare, but anchored to a pole that Americans call a “kill pole”. This is because a snared animal wraps around it and strangles itself. It is a breach of the BASC code of practice (Although for what good that is!)

This snare certainly locks up. Our research pointed to a gamekeeper, Chris Carter of West Acre Estate was setting these snares. We pointed police in his direction.

From what police tell us, Mr Carter claims no knowledge of these snares! Really, well we are watching who sets snares in the area next. Will it be you, Mr Carter?