We can now report that our first major anti snaring protest has been abandoned after Sussex police have informed us that “all snares are to be permanently removed from the Cowdray Estate in Sussex.”

Our first major march and demonstration was being planned after we failed to get an undertaking from Viscount Cowdray that snares would be removed from the Cowdray Estate in Sussex.

The badger below died on the Cowdray Estate as a result of a snare, and was the latest in a long line of incidents. The badger’s body had been kept frozen and we were going to use it as a shocking exhibit – it can now get a decent burial.

Several years ago Lord March banned all snares on the Goodwood Estate in Sussex after several incidents involving dead badgers and snares. And all snares have been removed last year from a large shooting estate in Milland, West Sussex, after we discovered several self locking snares and snares near badger setts.