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Caroline Lucas MEP
Caroline Lucas MEP

Representatives of the National Anti Snaring Campaign (NASC) have held a meeting with South East England Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas where she agreed to offer what help she can in the move to get snaring banned. Caroline is also the Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion, East Sussex.

Simon Wild of NASC said: “During the discussions we raised the issue of banning the sale of gin traps as well as discussing all the arguments for banning snares. She was particularly keen to know that estates in Sussex such as the large Cowdray, Goodwood, and Leconfield estates have prohibited snares yet others in the South Downs National Park are still littered with snares.

“We also explained how DEFRA had pulled out of using snares in the proposed badger cull last year when their tests showed snares did not reach a reasonable standard of humanness, and yet they still allow snares to be set for foxes and rabbits which end up killing hundreds of badgers nationwide.”

Following the meeting Caroline agreed to raise the issue of snaring where she can in Europe and was presented with the NASC’s submission to the European Parliament on snaring and trapping.