Scottish Badgers’ have announced its total opposition to snaring.

At its AGM “Scottish Badgers” has announced its total opposition to snaring,and have now stated the following:

“Scottish Badgers is of the opinion that snaring should be banned in Scotland, as it is a cruel and indiscriminate way of capturing and killing animals. It is already illegal to snare badgers, but they are frequently caught in snares set for other animals.

Banning snares is a long term aim, and in the immediate future Scottish Badgers will work with agencies to mitigate the effects of snaring, and co-operate with the Scottish Executive on new legislation. During its life, Scottish Badgers has worked with all appropriate agencies that have an interest in the countryside, and in animal conservation and protection. However, experience has shown us that snaring is indiscriminate and a constant threat to badgers. The current position with regard to “legal” and “illegal” snares is also one that is nonsensical and unworkable.

For all of these reasons, Scottish Badgers will work towards an eventual ban on the manufacture and use of all snares.”