A CINEMA advert aimed at raising public awareness about the use of animal snares hits screens in Carlisle from today.

The 75-second film, which has a 12A certificate, shows how animals are caught and killed in snares.

The advert will be shown before every 12A film today until November 16 and again November 24-30 at the City and Vue cinemas.

The League Against Cruel Sports is calling for a total ban of snares which cause intense suffering to the thousands of animals captured each year.

Jenny Barsby, from the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Snares can inflict horrific wounds and death is often very slow.”

It’s the first time the League Against Cruel Sports has taken one of its campaigns to the big screen.

Jenny added: “Most members of the public are probably unaware that snares are legal and being extensively used across the country to kill animals.

“By showing this film, members of the public will see the full extent of the problem and the cruelty these medieval instruments of torture can inflict on the animals they catch.”